Alex Ferguson Bio

Alex started his career in music on the drums at the age of six, playing his first concert at eight. Originally from the Boston area, he grew up in a musical family with two older guitar-playing brothers. Switching to guitar at eleven. Hugh grew up with the sounds of rock and roll through the 60’s and early 70’s. By the ripe old age of 14 he was already playing the Boston Club scene, cranking out Hendrix, Santana and Allman Brothers tunes.

In the mid 70’s, Hugh was turned on to Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu and Chic Corea and his style of music took a dramatic turn. In 1978 he moved to Phoenix and began touring with several club bands around the US, finally moving back to the Boston area in 1981.

In 1982 Hugh started his first rendition of the MR Wizard band and was featured in Guitar Player Magazine. Soon after he started to get requests for lessons from students at the Berklee College of Music. Having no formal training, it was a challenge to teach his method of playing. In 1984 his new MR Wizard band got some local notoriety by being warm up act for Allan Holdsworth, Til’ Tuesday and several other well-known acts.

1986 brought a career move out to Los Angeles where he landed his gig with Graham Nash. Hugh did a U.S. tour as guitarist and vocalist for Graham and he loved the challenge of having to sing David Crosbys cool vocal melodies.

During to 90’s Hugh spent most of his time raising his 3 boys and worked as a manufacturing engineer then going to college and becoming a software engineer too. Hugh did record a vocal record called “Follow My Heart” but he says it will not be released. Hugh also did some session work including a record with a Japanese Pop band called Hot Sox where he worked with Andy Armer, Denny Fongheiser and Marshall Crenshaw.

In 2001 Hugh got back into the music he really loves “Fusion”, recording his first fusion CD “The Jungle” with John Bellino on drums, Brian Wright on bass and quest appearances by Peter Ferguson ( Bass/Key/Guitar), Karl Babcock on Keys and Aaron Ferguson (samples).
Hugh started his next project “300 Miles” with his former bass player Rich Thomas and Joel Taylor on drums in 2002. With all of the conflicting schedules and technical problems, there is no current release date..
The Trio performed in LA and Orange County and opened for such acts as Larry Carlton, Al Dimeola and Hiroshima.

The new trio with Roger Carter on drums and Brian Wright on bass has just released the new A.D.D. CD

Steve Holmes (drummer) has recently joined the band and new shows will be added starting in January of 2007

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